XmlRpcGridRouter update

The last version of the XmlRpcGridRouter gateway works well, but there was an issue in the channels. Any time the channel changed or was discarded, the entry stayed in the database. Also, if a script was reset after the region started, the object would not be updated and would be unreachable.

XmlRpcRouter to consolidate llRemoteData through single uri

OpenSimulator lsl support for xmlrpc remote data has included a grid router for some time now, but not many people have known about it or used it. We will usually assign a port for our remote data communications and make a note of the simulator uri and port for our remote applications to access the in-world objects.

Nice console for Monodevelop debugging

I have been using Monodevelop for a while now, and I use its debugger a good bit. By default it has a very small white console and some of the output is hard or impossible to read because of the output colors. Here is what I did to get a nice sized, black background color console for debugging...

I made a file in my home directory, .Xresources ...

OpenSim Example Region Module

Unpack the attached example in the ./addon-modules directory, then run ./runprebuild.sh to setup the projects, then build.

This example is a shared region module and will need a little more care and feeding than a non-shared module if you run more than one region per instance.

Using shell environment variables in OpenSim configuration

About a year ago I started looking at the OpenSimulator configuration and thought that having shell environment variables working in the configuration would be a good thing to have. Especially in some advanced situations we're likely to encounter as we start using virtual environments to run our simulators in. We have been using Nini for our configuration with good results and it already has capabilities to expand keys. So, we just needed to add some code to interact with the shell in Nini and a few lines of code in OpenSim to light up the new feature.

OpenSim as a service in Linux

You can run OpenSim as a service in Linux...

To start it, you follow a sequence similar to this...

WxServices refactoring

Just finished some refactoring work to move the example code into it's own place. This will keep it simpler to follow as we will be adding to the actual services and handlers. The code was also moved to make it easier to drop into the ./opensim/addon-modules directory for building.

WxUserService Example Clients

This example (in python) takes an OpenSim users UUID as an argument. The users name and UUID will be returned. This is using the OpenSim database....

Using llRegionSayTo

We have an implementation of llRegionSayTo in OpenSimulator now. This is similar to llRegionSay, in that an object may send a message over a channel to other objects anywhere in the region. But with llRegionSayTo, you are able to address individual objects by their uuid. If the uuid is an avatar, then the message will be delivered in chat on channel 0. And the message will also be sent to all attachments on the avatar.

This is a pretty handy command that can find use in things like combat systems, region-wide accessories that need individual central updates, etc..

RegionReady monitor

Here is a simple php script to listen for status updates from the RegionReady module.


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