1 - Configuration

The Robust configuration will provide some settings for default service and allow us to load and configure modules.

  • The ServiceConnectors entry lets us describe our modules and enough information to load the connector into the Robust shell.
  • [Startup]
    ServiceConnectors = "8114/Wx.Services.Connectors.dll:WxUserServiceConnector"
  • We have a Network section that we use to setup default http server options.
  • [Network]
        port = 8113
        https_main = False
        ;; Create http listener true / false
        https_listener = True
        ;; Set our listener to this port
        https_port = 8114
        ;; Path to X.509 cert
        cert_path = "/home/opensim/etc/wx-server.p12"
        ;; Password for cert
        cert_pass = "myCertsPassword"
  • We have a section to describe a default database provider.
  • [DatabaseService]
        StorageProvider = "OpenSim.Data.MySQL.dll"
        ConnectionString = "Data Source=;Database=databasename;User ID=databaseuser;Password=databasepasswd;"
  • We create sections for our connector. These are loaded when Our connector starts and can use our default DatabaseService settings or override them.
  • [WxUserService]
        LocalServiceModule = "Wx.Services.WxUserService.dll:WxUserService"
        UserAccountService = "OpenSim.Services.UserAccountService.dll:UserAccountService"
        StorageProvider = "Wx.Data.dll"
        ConnectionString = "Data Source=;Database=dbname;User ID=dbusername;Password=dbpassword;"
  • And, Finally, we can configure all the services that our module will be using.
  • [UserAccountService]
        ; for the server connector
        LocalServiceModule = "OpenSim.Services.UserAccountService.dll:UserAccountService"
        ; Realm = "useraccounts"
        ; These are for creating new accounts by the service
        AuthenticationService = "OpenSim.Services.AuthenticationService.dll:PasswordAuthenticationService"
        ;PresenceService = "OpenSim.Services.PresenceService.dll:PresenceService"
        ;GridService = "OpenSim.Services.GridService.dll:GridService"
        ;InventoryService = "OpenSim.Services.InventoryService.dll:XInventoryService"

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